technician combing out the lice and the nits
mom performing at home lice removal treatment
mom performing at home treatment

Our most affordable treatment options for as little as $40!  We provide all the topical treatment products you will need, along with a professional lice comb. The clinician will present specific instructions on how to properly implement the comb out. Since most parents are not trained at lice-removal, this will take considerably  more time at home than a professional lice removal treatment in our clinic in order to confirm all the lice are removed. Peace of Mind head checks are available after two weeks for a discounted price of $15.

30 MINUTE HEAD START TREATMENT –  $80 per session

This option is designed for those who are more budget-minded and want to tackle the comb-out at home.  Great option for large families!  One of our certified technicians will join you in our clinic where you will learn how to perform the initial comb out on your family member.   This 30 minute session will remove approximately 80% of eggs.    This is followed by an application of our Active Rinse which will destroy 100% of live bugs.   Instructions will be given on procedures to be followed over the next two weeks.  Because the success of this treatment ultimately depends on the at-home follow up, we do not offer a re-treatment policy for this option.  Price includes a professional lice removal comb and one bottle of our Active Rinse.   Clients can schedule a Peace of Mind head check after two weeks for a discounted price of $15.

A trained lice-removal technician determining extent of lice infestation